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Hanoi Group provides consulting services for foreign clients, from multinational corporations to medium-sized companies. We have wide experience concerning all business and legal aspects of project implementation by Vietnamese and foreign investors - advising them on various issues from their first steps to enter the Vietnam market, through the investment period to their actual operation. Our professional Vietnam's business consultants are prepared to serve clients in (i) Vietnam Market Entry Consulting; (ii) Vietnam Market Research; (iii) Business Partner Searching in Vietnam.

Our aim is to provide premier and discreet consulting service for our foreign clients, continuously training ourselves to keep up with the latest developments in Vietnam’s investment environment.

What is the differentiation between Hanoi Group and global research and consulting firms? While global consultants may have edge over our group in terms of global experience or providing standard-format of research, with a great variety of indexes, formulas, charts etc., we definitely see our differentiation in pragmatic approach and effectiveness not only in primary research.

We rely on the excellent access to primary and secondary sources or information to provide clients as applicable solutions as possible.

It would help foreign partners also in further steps after research process to support decision making. Networking is therefore our strategic advantage since our group has excellent connections to every industry in Vietnam, our network covers private/state-owned/foreign-invested sectors in many fields, such as:

    Electricity/ Vehicle manufacturing/ Textile & Garment industry/ Civil engineering
    Media & Marketing/ International trade/ E-Commerce/ Consumer Goods
    Retail/ Real estate/ IT Architecture & System Development




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